Introduction to
our club
Intro to our girls club and our history
(Updated 1/15/14)

The long term goal of LGLC is to spread the sport throughout the
Lehigh Valley, begin feeder teams in the youth age group and
hopefully someday become a fuly sponsored PIAA varsity sport.
We are now officially a school Club Sport, following all rules and
regulations of the PIAA, which has been acknowledged by the
school. As a club, we were responsible for introducing and
finally getting passed a new Bethlehem Area District policy which
would allow other Club Sports to be affiliated with the school,
and continue to play other Varsity PIAA sports teams. All other
girls (and boys) lacrosse teams in the Lehigh Valley area have
now gone on to become full PIAA varsity status. We are confident
we will be there soon, however funds from the district have not
been available up to now. We are now eligible for district,
regional and state playoffs as of 2011. The Lehigh Valley
Interscholastic Athletic Conference (LVIAC) has sponsored
lacrosse as of 2012 for boys and girls.Lacrosse offers not only
another sport to established athletes, but also to athletes and
players who have not yet found their ideal sport.

Injuries are rare (girls lacrosse is in the lower third of injury
totals of all high school sports) and girl's lacrosse is a non-body
contact sport while boys lacrosse is full contact. In 2005,
protective eyewear has been made mandatory. The sport
demands running and physical conditioning, but most
importantly practice with the stick. The tradition with girl's
lacrosse, which is governed by US Lacrosse in all levels of play,
strictly promotes sportsmanship and highest level of
competition possible. Fights, verbal abuse and argumentative
behavior are absolutely not tolerated.This club is a nonprofit
501(c)(3) organization for which grants, scholarships and
tax-deductible contributions will be allowed. We have a Booster
club and we are actively seeking support from all parents to
keep the club alive. Liberty High School administration has been
very cooperative however with acting as a communication
vehicle for the girls at Liberty. However, all contact should be
with the club director/coaches, NOT with the school. We are
happy to see that Freedom High school has joined us in our
quest to instill lacrosse into the Bethlehem Area School District
as a fully-sponsored and funded varsity sport. They have started
a boys and girls club as well utilizing the recently approved the
district's Club Sports Policy. We have also begun a boys club
here at Liberty as of 2012.

King's Mansion recreational field off Catasaqua Rd near Notre
Dame Church area has already been secured for all practices
and home games during our spring season Monday through
Friday from 3-6 pm. All practices and home games will be
between these times. The city has graciously provided this field
for us since our club's inception.  Practices begin promptly at
3:30 and end as close to 5:30 PM as possible. There may be
occasional Saturday or Sunday practices/games. The regular
season generally begins in early March and runs through
mid-May. Communication will be accomplished through email
primarily and daily school bulletins and bulletin boards. It is
imperative that players closely follow these communication
modes on a daily basis. Announcements at school are done but
are not very effective as we have learned. The club is open to
students enrolled in or entering Liberty High school this next
year. Players will be expected to attend all practices and games
and be committed to their team during the spring. Playtime will
be based on sportsmanship, effort, attendance, attitude and
performance, but every effort will be made to get everyone in at
every game. This is why we had such a high retention rate for

Please see the announcements page on this site for specific
instructions for registration. This sport mandates that players
additionally practice on their own to develop the skills needed to
play. All coaching and club organization will be done on a
volunteer basis and it is expected that the players/parents
respect this dedication. The functionality and continuance of the
club will highly depend on parent involvement with the parents /
Booster Club. Dues will vary year to year depending on the
financial status of the club- See the new girls website linked on
our homepage to see dues for 2014 and registration
process.Players are required to supply their own sticks
($35-$100), soccer or lacrosse shoes, sneakers, practice apparel,
protective eyewear (range $30-$130) and mouth guards
(required-cannot be clear). They may not play without eyewear,
mouthguards or sticks.  Gloves are optional. The club will supply
Goalie pads and helmet.

Our girls club was 8-12-1 in our junior varsity level schedule our
inaugural year in 2004 and won the 2004 Junior Varsity
Championship in the Lehigh Valley First Annual Girls Lacrosse
Tournament sponsored by Parkland's club in June. In 2006, we
entered the tournament for the first time as a varsity team, and
barely missed getting into the final championship game by one
single point in the tournament. Our varsity won the Lehigh Valley
Annual Tournament in 2008. SInce our inception, we have had 10
girls play lacrosse in college, one on a US team, and one
recruited at DI level. Lacrosse is one of the most attainable
scholarship sports in the US right now.

Please join us for a great sport and experience, where your child
will make great relationships, learn self-discipline and nurture
self-esteem. It is a fascinating sport to both play and watch. To
get a taste of the game and organizations throughout the
country check out or .
Our website is and can be redirected to
the girls' new site there..Call or email for questions to :Joe
Sexton (President) 610-730-9131-cell Liberty Girls Lacrosse Club   
(This is our original girls' website. We will now use it as
a link for both girls and boys new sites. See
new Liberty
Girls Lacrosse Club
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